10 Fashion Brands You Won’t Regret Supporting

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must-go events in RIGA / J1

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How dads are taking over the fashion industry?

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street style in Riga

the state of Latvia’s fashion industry – Katrīna Jauģiete

Featured: kā Latvijā atdarināt glossier/milk makeup estētiku

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Vegan recipes – ceptā ”siera” kūka

Xmas vegan recipes – Šokolādes-apelsīna tartes

Xmas vegan recipes – Siltie ķirbja-kuskusa salāti

Marija Vinkele – enjoy

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Kristians Fukss – Christmas movie list + playlist

enjoy the evening series #1 – Elizabeth Anderson

fall playlist #1 // pictures of friends

Normandy, Trouville (Paris part 2)

Paris. June, 2017

a short story about travelling alone

My personal favorite spots in Riga city

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Why Prague is the home of rare quirkiness