5 Young People Open Up About Loving Themselves While Dealing With Skin Issues

Photos by Beatrise Sulte

There is so much more to life than your skin – these five beautiful souls will prove, that loving yourself has nothing to do with little “imperfections” society has programmed everyone to hate.


I started noticing changes on my face in 7th grade – I got my first pimples then. I didn’t think much of it, but three years have passed by and things have gotten worst. My confidence, while dealing with acne, has jumped up and down extremely, my worst was at the end of last school year. I could not do much at that time, felt uncomfortable in my own skin. I started using makeup; otherwise I did not believe that I could go outside. Older people seem to think that they help by saying their opinion and advising on my lifestyle choices, but that doesn’t really make me feel any better about myself. However, now I have accepted my destiny, and I can say one thing – accepting yourself is the best decision anyone can make, especially while still growing up. I am the only one who really cares, people around me don’t even notice something that small. It’s all in me. 


I was 13 years old, when I started experiencing acne. To be honest, I didn’t really care about it that much, because I knew my true self and that my appearance doesn’t change who I am. If people think otherwise, they do not have a place in my life. If a person is important to me, they won’t care about my acne. Sometimes I feel the need to put on makeup on certain acne scars to make myself feel more comfortable and confident, and that helps. I believe that anyone has a right to do something that makes them feel like the best version they can be. I just always keep in mind that scars will fade and everything will be better. It used to be harder to look at myself in the mirror, when 90% of people around me had perfect skin, but that didn’t change how I feel about myself. I advise seeing a professional, if you feel like acne affects your well-being. However, it shouldn’t!


I have Linear Scleroderma, which I was diagnosed with at the age of 4. At first it was a small patch on my skin, but not a single doctor could tell me, what it was. I didn’t really realize what was happening to me, all I remember from my childhood and the first experience with the disease is a lot of time spent in the hospital, while the doctors are trying to help me. I got bullied a lot in school, some boys didn’t even know my name, all they would call me were rude names. Of course, that made my confidence suffer, but as I grew older, it went back and even stronger than before. Since I know I will have it for the rest of my life, I have grown to love every part of myself, including the part I used to be ashamed of. It’s not anyone’s fault they have skin problems, so there is no point to be critical about it. 


I have always had a lot of freckles and, of course, they stand out in the summer time. They appear under my eyes and on my cheeks mostly, sometimes on my arms too. When I used to be younger, I didn’t appreciate that as much as now, I felt kind of left out, I asked myself why I was the only one having them. Now I feel special having them, even some of my friends try to recreate my look using makeup. I know that freckles make me stand out from the crowd. My confidence grows and grows, sometimes I even forget that I have them, because I am so used to them, but I guess, that’s a sign that I feel comfortable in my skin, with no need to change. Your skin is yours and it makes you unique, be proud of who you are! I wouldn’t change a thing about myself. 


Rosacea is something I have dealt with all my life. When I was younger, doctors told me that it will fade away with years to come, but it hasn’t really changed all that much. It has always been the biggest insecurity I have.  There has been a time where I have received some comments on my cheeks but that didn’t leave any negativity on my life. Rosacea was the reason I started to wear makeup, but now I do it just to not waste my time and energy explaining and answering any questions I could get regarding it. Nowadays people are more informed on rosacea so I don’t feel as much discomfort as I did before. In the last year my thoughts on it have completely changed, and now I understand that it’s the last thing people, who are close to me, care about. If a person is caught up in my skin problems, they should not be in my life, that’s all. 


July 8, 2018

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