Kristians Fukss interviewed the 20 year old photographer from Palma de Majorca – Carlos Darder .

Who is Your photography idol?

I have so many idols, from Juergen Teller to Davide Sorrenti, Sandy Kim….
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What would you say to those people, who say that Juergen Teller’s photos are without meaning?

For me the meaning in a picture starts with the light and with the face expression so starting here, from my point of view its not possible to be meaningless, you have to look beyond what you see at first glance in a photo. The meaning in a picture is everywhere. Juergen Teller knows how to play with the light, the face expression and everything, i like him so much and he is so inspiring for me.

How has your photos changed through the recent years?

I realised that the intimacy moments are the most beautiful to photograph, it doesnt matter if its while having sex, peeinng, partying… showing whats around me is what inspires me the most.

What do you think will change in the future? 

In photography? All of the taboos that are the day of today will be normal, people wont be freaking out with everything and they will respect everything more


What do you think is the one taboo that shock people when viewing your work? 

The biggest taboo is seeing photographed moments of the life that people actually thinks its gross but its not, the beauty appears in the intimate moments and in the daily life. In the sex, parties, love, etc… showing this part of your life is so important to other people to understand how of wrong they are, the real beauty is there, in the real life.

You said that in the future a lot of taboos will be normal and people will respect everything more. Why do you think people will gain more respect for their surroundings and the people around them? 

Because they will be more used to see it everywhere and they will understand that its actually so beautiful and normal… i hope.

September 5, 2018


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