Fall for me is a time to look back on summer, the beginning of the year and to think about the future. Film-wise, fall is the perfect time for drama. Strong, moving and thought provoking drama films.

1. La Cienaga (2001) dir. Lucrecia Martel

I would call this a small masterpiece. In the same time it’s full of dark poetry and radiant life. Human nature’s observation & Argentina’s pleasing nature is an alluring experience.

2. To the Wonder (2012) dir. Terrence Malick

Raw and pure, having the same pace as the year earlier released Tree of Life, it makes me rethink my whole life. Cinematography by the amazing Emmanuel Lubezki. A true wonder.

3. Paris, Je T’Aime (2006) 

Anthology film from 22 amazing directors. Each director shows his story about one arrondissement of Paris. Each different, with one’s own vision. Paris, as always, connects and romanticises.

4. Hannah and Her Sisters (1986) dir. Woody Allen

My favourite work from Woody Allen, set between two Thanksgivings two years apart with a plot of course evolving around falling in and out of love. Quite simply, a pleasant joy with a superb cast.

5. The Triplets of Belleville (2003) dir. S. Chomet

Unique animation with unique characters creates a unique film.

6. Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (1998) dir. Pedro Amodovar

Spanish filmmaker’s funniest film. True women in comic situations + super young Antonio Banderas. From amusing to sublime in a fast pace.

7. Elephant (2003) dir. Gus Van Sant

Dark and genius. One of my favourite camera movements in film. Unforgettable experience.

8. Magnolia (1999) dir. Paul Thomas Anderson

Over three hour brilliance from the late 90s with a poem like charm, knockout cast and soundtrack. 

9. North by Northwest (1959) dir. Alfred Hitchcock 

Northern winds. A must-watch, if not seen before.

10. Election (1999) dir. Alexandre Payne

My favourite Reese Witherspoon role in a mordant comedy. American dreams & loses comes in as a delightful threat.

11. Russian Ark (2002) dir. Aleksandr Sokurov

Shot in a single take with over 2,000 actors in the Winter Palace of the Russian State Hermitage Museum. Covering the city’s 300 year history, A. Sokurov offers brilliant dialogues and one of my favourite closing sequences ever.

12. Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009) dir. Wes Anderson

One of the most gripping and captivating stop-motion films, Anderson’s best work. Enchanting marvel.

+ Aimee Mann: Live at St. Ana’s Warehouse (2007) – concert film

One of my favourite concert films, that completely has the sounds of autumn. Heartfelt and genuine. 

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September 19, 2018

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