by Beatrise Šulte

Here is the recent talk with the young talented designer/BMX rider/businessman/artist Dennis Moeller, who soon will show the world his newest project – the purpose of this talk is to celebrate LOONER and where this brand is heading. We hope you enjoy and maybe even get inspired!

BEATRISE: Hi Denis! I’m happy you agreed to have an interview.

DENNIS M.: Hi, Beatrise! I’m looking forward to it. How are you doing?

BEATRISE: I’m very well, thank you. What is the story behind LOONER and how was the road to it being what it is now?

DENNIS M.: LOONER WEAR is the clothing label I created with some friends in 2016 (back then it was called LOONER BRAND). The goal is to produce high quality and minimalist clothes with the perfect fit.

BEATRISE: You have done it well! How far has LOONER gone since 2016, what were the obstacles you had to overcome throughout the years?

DENNIS M.: I appreciate the thought but we always work on our products. Our next step is going fairtrade by using better organic and recycled textiles. In 2016 we released our first product the Tape, which came in pretty handy when doing Bmx and Skateboarding in the summer. In the beginning, we had a couple of hurdles to overcome before we found the right fit for our first T-shirts which we released 2017 and soon will be online where we are going to release our new Hoodie and so much more. 😉

BEATRISE: Good to hear that you always have new ideas on improving, continuing to develop, seeking new ways that you can make the clothing better until every detail is clean and exactly how you want it to be. I think that is the reason why you have gone so far with LOONER. You have studied design before, right?

DENNIS M.: If you take care of every little detail you always have something to improve on. To answer your question, I finished business school in which I always enjoyed designing my own little things and recently I got accepted to a design school which starts in autumn this year.

BEATRISE: Congratulations! In what school you will start your studies?

DENNIS M.: Thank you! I will start studying at Best-Sabel Design School in Berlin.

BEATRISE: Why did you choose this school and why do you feel like studying more? You didn’t learn enough in the first school or you made this choice just to be in that environment…?

DENNIS M.: I choose this school because they offer a variety of different design classes, like product and graphic design. Learning by doing is not enough for me that’s why I want to educate myself further by gaining another qualification. The skills learned in this school will help me understand textiles better, which will come in handy when producing even greater clothes for LOONER in the future.

BEATRISE: Haha, you have chosen a really interesting, and possibly the hardest way to go down this road – first you learn everything by yourself, make the first fits and a web page, choose materials, create commercials and when LOONER has gone through the first steps, which usually seem to be the hardest ones- you decide to apply to a design school. It feels organic, right? Like this is your way to do it and it seems unrepeatable. In your opinion, is there a right way to make your own brand?

DENNIS M.: I don’t think that there is only one right way to build your brand. The only relevant and important piece of advice is to understand where you want to see yourself in the future and being focused on that, then you will find your own individual way.

BEATRISE: I agree. Could you give advice to someone who has an idea for a merch/brand but doesn’t know where to start?

DENNIS M.: Good Question! If you want to start a brand or merch, you should really be informed about companies and their textiles. In my job, as a Sales-Stylist, I realized, that the majority of young designers are just looking for motives or colors, but what they don’t realize is that the true design lays in the fit and not in the motive. The fit and the longevity decide if it will become someone’s favorite T-Shirt and you always keep your favorites because it is sustainable and environment-friendly! So, in the end, it’s important to just go out and try, go get some examples, see and feel the differences and proceed on your own personal path.

BEATRISE: Thank you for this inspiring talk, congratulations with the upcoming web page launch, please, keep making beautiful quality clothing items, and I can’t wait for what will come next.

April 4, 2020

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