By Krista Kaufmane

All the springs I have ever experienced have always scared me. I greet them with great fear because behind these suspicious rays of sunshine and peaceful gatherings around glasses of wine, there is a nasty gal hiding. Spring arises and everything is weird, and there is no better word to describe this period of time. But still, I always wait for this two-faced creation to come and surprise me. He always comes and always does astonish me. I get butterflies in my stomach every year, and every time they kiss and bite me at the same time. That’s spring, man. It is also the season to arise from idleness and just dance your feet off, explore this and that, here and there. Explore musical horizons. And hey, I am here for that. To me, spring is orange. And orange songs have I gathered for you.

1. Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood – Summer Wine

Imagine going to sleep early, opening your eyes in the middle of a night and seeing – there is no room around, only a meadow with no end. You step out of your bed and your leg touches wet wheat. Oh, how did this happen? Yes, you are a bit cold. But you turn around and you see – the early sun has peeled a banana and made a cup of coffee for you this morning. It’s time to go back.

2. Stevie Wonder – Contusion

There is a vibrant memory. One of the first times I heard this song, my only thought was that I want to play this as loud as I can, be in darkness, let the beat and rhythm flow through my veins, and only then come back to the light. I once tried to do this and Stevie Wonder was whispering in my ear. I never saw him again.

3. Led Zeppelin – Dancing Days

The song starts playing and I look down – my legs are not with me, they rotate. I am electricity. I look up – seagulls above me fly in a circle and their moving bodies are writing something in the air. It says between the clouds – ‘get up’. I do. And the rest is history.

4. Jimi Hendrix – Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)

Yeah, that’s a good question. Have you? I have. I believe it was the last bizarre spring when I was riding my bike and suddenly, I hear Jimi in my ears. There I was – flying through the city to some destination, which I thought was only unknown to me. But I guess the universe did not know either, and before I knew it, I was at the top of Electric Ladyland sharing strawberry shortcake with a foxy lady. She made me get up and scream. What a strange afternoon.

5. The Doors – Not to Touch the Earth

He directs me to run, run, run, and I cannot seem to do anything else. Deep into the woods, there is a ritual happening, and it looks as if they are high on the ecstasy of life. Too much emotion, too much movement, they pray and they weep. They look like beasts, and their eyes are covered in gold. They cannot see me, because they have made themselves a glass wall, separating them from the outer world. Next to me, I discern a girl dressed all in purple. We are very welcomed not to be there, so we run, run, run.

6. David Bowie – Always Crashing in the Same Car

Berlin. A surface made of wood. Some chairs – wood. Again. It is half dark, and there is smoke twisting in the air with another smoke, dancing above our table. One of them – an intense incense, the other one remains a mystery. Vision is mightily focused on this rhythmic motion covered in a fog over our heads. Dizzy as a reflection in a broken mirror our minds get and we let the smoke go. It’s always the same.

7. The Beach Boys – Calfiornia Girls

“Well, to tell you the truth, there’s this girl who requested a song for you. Do you know who that could be?” “Nope.” “She requested the Beach Boys song California Girls, we remember that one, don’t we? Got a guess who she might be?” I thought it over for a moment, then told him I had no idea. “Yeah…well, that’s a problem, then. If you can guess who she is, you’ll get a special edition T-shirt sent to you, so think hard!” Thanks, Murakami, for lending me this song. I’ll try to unravel this riddle.

8. Jefferson Airplane – Greasy Heart

Being well aware that it is already April, I took my lazy flesh to the nearest grove to deal with the jam session I had promised to birches. I play no guitar, nor horn. What do you want from me, my dear birches? An insignificant argument arose and I prayed for someone or something to save me. A rabbit came and was no help. Besides his daily gossip, he asked me for a favor. I was as much help to him as he was to me. Neat zero. “Ask…Jefferson” I said. Tired as I was, I came running back and kept dreaming of warmer days and colder beer.

9. The Beatles – Norwegian Wood (The Bird Has Flown)

It’s a little bit too quiet for this moment not to be awkward. Let’s pour you something. A glass of strength or music, perhaps? Ok, a lovely piece of sound and a liter of that it is. Now we can keep lying on this carpet and sweat. Summer is around the corner, is it not? We might as well open the windows. There is a show outside. We watch closely as our eyes slowly sink into the night. That’s how the film ends.

10. Bob Dylan – Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again

Is it really the end and should we stay in this mobile forever? We must walk the roads until we reach the farm, we looked for years. I spy a man. He has not moved for a very long time. Do not disturb him. He’s busy watching his life go by. If you can’t understand his TV show, then look deep into his soul and find your answer, even though you might not have any questions. This man is a metaphor, you know. Sorry for the interruption. Let’s keep strolling.

April 5, 2020

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