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It’s proven that historical events have a very big impact on fashion. We will always be influenced by the actions of others. To be honest, some of the best designs were made at the worst times. Coco Chanel’s debut at the time of World War I, Christian’s Dior “New Look” after World War II. Also, the Spanish Flu pandemic made an impact on everyday life – in 1918 surgical face masks became a must-have both outdoors and indoors. Sounds familiar, right?

This pandemic’s influence on our wardrobe we will find out next season. For now, we can only get inspired by such Instagram hashtags as #quarantinestyle or #goingnowherebutfuckitimgettingdressed . People miss getting dressed so bad that post quarantine might bring us some crazy over the top looks on the streets. Nor we can’t forget about the economic downturn. It might make us more creative and think of new ways on how to dress without shopping for new pieces. DIY might be our new best friend. And hopefully, this will also slow down that fast-fashion industry. Overall – this is the change we needed for years!

But while fantasizing about life after the pandemic, we offer you to take a look at fashion trends for this summer. We know how you like to plan that outfit for going to a market. So why not do it with a style?!

This sleeve saw it’s daylight already in Renaissance, returned in the 1930s, the ’80s, and is returning now!

Another Renaissance fashion trend to steal. You can wear it over a shirt or just by its self, if you dare.

Not long ago this was the worst trend of fashion but now it’s having a comeback and we’re actually digging it!

Another skin-baring trend for you to try out this summer. We heard it’s gonna be a hot one so you better get ready!

High heel, low heel..it’s your choice

The chunkier, the better!

As you may have noticed, most of the trends are influenced by already existing styles. It’s no more a secret that history is repeating and fashion designers are influenced by older and older decades that date back to even the 16th century. The popularity of vintage and second-hand shops is growing every day. The reason for this could be the change in our attitude towards fast-fashion and awareness of global problems. Looks like futurism in fashion will have to wait for some time. Interesting how our mindset has changed in 20 years. From an exciting thought of flying cars to love for vintage Cadillacs and bikes.

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June 22, 2020

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