Text by Helēna Berga

Illustrations by Elīna Kaire

I want to be baptised in the scorching July sun, let it wash over me in beautiful, burning waves. Falling in love with the soft caress of a light cotton-candy coloured sky dripping over me. Glittering sun-reflecting water pulling me in a floating embrace, lying in the seaweed-green ocean, taking your calloused hand in mine and being utterly, completely at peace. Building a sandcastle with our mango-stained fingers, brushing through the sand, small pebbles clinging to our bodies. Gently crashing clouds above our heads, their playful shadows casting a refreshing chill on our sunburnt skin. Cream-coloured coffee on your lips, it’s sweet taste contrasting summer’s slowly coming end.

A warm breeze running through my head and leaving with all my thoughts except this moment. A butterfly lightly landing on our joined hands and blessing us with a kiss of its wings – it leaves but our serenity stays. My floating summer dress brushing against my thighs, a sea of strangers in a bustling city, each with their own lives but sharing this existence in the same moment of time. A picnic in the park, staining our clothes with sweet-smelling strawberry juice and our minds with thoughts of July’s end. Mi Amor, I want to sing you harmonic lullabies in every language, weightless words singing with my love for you. Delicately drifting away from every worry, letting our lust for life run through every vein. July leaves and so we wait for another moment to come – time passes and that is what makes us alive.

July 20, 2020

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