By Elza Nikola Rauza (helping hand---- Helēna Berga)

Fashion is a tool that everyone no matter of their style, age, gender or profession, uses to tell the world who they really are, without uttering a word. I have always wondered what strangers have to say on how they find the courage to dress however they want. Is Riga a stylish city with open-minded and creative people? I asked some strangers to find out why it is important to dress how you want.


Maybe it is the style which describes me, not me manifesting myself with the help of it. There isn’t a one single principle, by which I decide what to put on my body - it changes every single day. I just dress how I like to dress. That’s why I don’t pick out my outfits the night before. If I do that, the next day I feel bad, just because something is not working together anymore. Liking certain things goes by periods - sometimes more, sometimes less. Right now I am enjoying wearing less black, giving myself more expression. However, I still enjoy wearing it, then I feel really relaxed and like I am somewhere far away.  Overall, clothing one wears not only creates others’ opinions about the person, but also your own thoughts about the environment you’re in, for example, once I wore an all green outfit, and I felt connected with everything green, what was surrounding me. It was magical.
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I can’t really describe my style, because I dress differently every single day. I like strange accessories and denim. I shop on the internet, in Zara and H&M most of the time. My most used pieces in my wardrobe are my denim jacket, overalls, a yellow top, because I have been enjoying this color lately, sunglasses and hoop earrings. There are people I find inspiration from, but high fashion is not something I really focus on.



I’m not really interested in fashion; it isn’t something I take seriously. Actually the amount of pieces I own is far less than you would expect - I enjoy have less than ten. I don’t enjoy color a lot, but it is mostly because I work with them every day, so it presses me to distance, since i don’t want to overpower anything. Things that influence my outfits are my mood, sometimes I want to hide myslef, sometimes show off, but most importantly weather. Surroundings have a huge power over me when deciding my choices of clothing.  I would love to say that I do not judge people by what they are wearing and how they are presenting themselves, but in real life it does not work like that.


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ZANE, 30

For me, style is everything from posture to communicating and work ethics, not only clothing. It is the way I present myself to the world around me. Clothing makes me happier, for instance, when having a rough day, putting on a great outfit brightens up my mood instantly. If people around me are negative, I just have to look at myself to know I am in my own skin, comfortable in what I am wearing, thus it helps me to distance myself from the antagonism. I have a huge love for black; I don’t concentrate on patterns, like floral and plaid, but choose textures and strong, yet minimalistic cuts that are inspired by Asian fashion culture. A lot of people experience falling in love with makeup too, if they already enjoy fashion, because those self-expressing things go hand in hand. I do not match my outfits with makeup looks I am doing, because throughout the years I have found my staples that I hardly ever change.  I do not care what others think of me, I don’t feel confident if I know I don’t look my best. Yet the way I look gets me some kind of attention. The most important thing is to feel great, no matter what others think. 


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When choosing my outfits, I think about the attitude I want to show off that day, my mood and just what feels right at that moment. High fashion inspires me, but doesn’t influence my opinions. I appreciate trends, but don’t run after the blindly.  Most of the high fashion tendencies transform themselves, after they have been over worn or over hyped, into mainstream ones, and them, in my opinion, originality is lost and everyone looks the same. My style for sure includes accessories, makeup, nails, so that my look is cohesive and pleasant to the eye.



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ARIS, 34

Developing style is infinitive. Year after year not only fashion changes, but also attitude towards life, it affects the way we dress. Musicians and films inspire me – their moods and aesthetics. Throughout years my style has become classier, for example, ten years ago I was into the rock scene, because I was playing guitar, and it pushed me to wear more leather, black, chains. I still like it, but with age I have to be more serious. It is important to listen to your inner self when finding who you truly are and how you want to express yourself.

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April 26, 2018

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