We all know one fact- supporting fast fashion equals supporting endless waste and shockingly awful work conditions that should never be someone’s reality. So here is a list of 10 great fashion brands, which are not only sustainable, but also fresh for the best looks anyone would want to create.


Budget-friendly, eccentric clothes made from recycled or other sustainably sourced materials. Everything – from factory locations to energy used in their stores – is moving to be climate positive by 2040, as the brand’s website claims. Plus with their campaigns for LGBTQ community and women rights MONKI really tries to make a difference in this world.

theepiphany monki

our favourite piece: 

mesh bra , 15 GBP


EVERLANE is not big on trends. Their pieces are bought to be worn for years or even decades to come. However, that does not mean, that clothes are not special. EVERLANE is known for their radical transparency – they reveal the true cost of their garments, and what would be the retail price for them, if it would be sold at any other fast fashion retailer.


te photos


Mostly known for their denim and the skull logo, CHEAP MONDAY is clear about their goals as a fast-growing brand. As of SS18 they have said no to using conventional cotton, and from FW18 their products will include the minimum of 50% sustainable materials. Plus their Sustainability Commitment is available for anyone on their website to research. 

vheap monday

our favourite piece: 

Truce Jacket, 90GBP


ELEMENTY is a Polish brand that redesigns classic and minimal pieces for the modern woman on the go. In 2015 ELEMENTY and another brand BALAGAN formed Transparent Shopping Collective. As the name suggests, the collective focuses on showing the true cost to clients, not hiding a single thing.

elementy pcs

our favourite piece: 

Safari Dress 99,47EUR


AERYNE is an interesting combo of Sweden and France. The influence of both countries is strongly felt in their designs – Scandinavian with a French romantic twist. I recommend looking into their special Womanhood tees because 10% of the sales go to the AERYNE Academy, which is a found, where they finance school tuition fees for young females.  Together they have enrolled already 27 women in schools, and they do not plan to stop.


our favourite piece: 

the resistance t-shirt, 24,95EUR

(this weeks must-buy)


MATT AND NAT is short for mat(t)erial and nature, so their message is as transparent in the name as it can get. All of their products (all!!!) are made from vegan leather. It is of the leading brands of the community that grows globally every day. Even the lining of their products are 100% made from recycled plastic bottles.


our favourite piece: 

black coast luggage, 195EUR


HUND HUND $$-$$$

This Indian brand makes clothing for men, women and accessories for dogs (yes, yes, yes!!!). They keep their mark-up as low as possible, and, of course, make their garments from sustainable materials. They make clothes for stylish people, who enjoy minimal, yet well-structured clothing. 

hund hund

our favourite piece: 

ice cream toy, 25EUR


GIRLFRIEND is fashion brand that makes beautiful and delicate workout gear. Even the polyester they use is recycled from plastic bottles, which volunteers gather from Taiwan’s beaches. The brand’s website provides a clear and detailed description of every step through making their clothing. Plus the comfort factor is key, as the message they send stands for perfecting workouts, not worsening them.


our favourite piece: 

dusty rose margot wrap, 38USD


REFORMATION carries unique, vintage inspired clothing that is trendy, but still has its own twist. Website informs on RefScale that the brand uses to gather all the information on how their cost of making each piece impacts society and nature. The totals are later published, thus every client can see the behind the scenes.

our favourite piece: 

ava dress, 178USD


DEFECT is a Lithuanian fashion brand that does not make clothing for the perfect woman. They make clothing for real women. All the details in clothing pieces resemble “imperfections” we, women, deal with every day. Pieces are extraordinary and special, perfect for the entry level of high fashion.


our favourite piece: 

Monica shirt, 149EUR

written by Elza Rauza


June 25, 2018

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