to start of our young designer feature, Adrians Veisbuks wrote a shirt diary entry to tell about his t-shirt collection

My idea for my graduation project was to create personalized t-shirts, while recycling used articles of clothing from various second-hand shops. I was very certain to use only thriftted clothes, because i am against fast fashion and have been for the last 2/2.5 years. At first i thought i would use random hand-drawn artworks for the prints, but after some consultations with my supervisor, we ended up with the concept of creating different artworks that represent my everyday emotions. For example, on mondays i am quite sleepy – that was showcased by my drawing of someone being in two different states of positions at the same time, which was inspired by Polly Nor’s artwork “cba 2 pretend no more”. Every shirt has its own idea and has a different emotion displayed differently. I actually used a lot of various artists’ artworks, punk culture and the provocative image of the band sex pistols created by fashion designer Vivienne Westwood as inspiration. 

Seeing my drawings on clothing in real life was kind of surreal. Growing up, i had always wanted to be in the fashion industry and still do, because i am quite ambitious and have a fire in me to create something revolutionary and make my family proud. 

During the process of visiting my art school practically every day, a schoolteacher came up to me and my graduation project’s supervisor and offered to partake in our art schools fashion show, hosted during a popular cultural event in Liepāja. At first i was quite negative about the idea, because initially i wanted my graduation project to be quick and easy. However, after some thinking and talking with my friends, i came to the decision to participate. So while i was screen printing the shirts, i was envisioning the overall look i wanted to go for.

From the very beginning I knew I wanted my best friends to be my models, because i trusted them the most with my visions for the fashion show. I started making mood boards and everything, basically hyping myself and my friends up. I began creating the outfits my friends were going to wear along with my t-shirts, which included me buying additional articles of clothing and accessories. All i used was my closet and some clothes from my other friends’ closets, because i knew that could create something authentic and visually appealing to the audience at the fashion show. 

may 19th – the day of the fashion show.

We arrive at my school early to start getting ready and preparing. Luckily for me, my friends are pretty great at doing make up. I had previously found all the make up looks for all my models and i showed them pictures for inspiration and explained my vision & they got to work.

An hour and a half before the show we had our dress rehearsal. It went smoothly. i started to get very anxious and nervous, because i was the one to begin the fashion show and because this was my first ever major gig.

i wanted to create a fresh/ fashion-forward/ edgy look with my models, capture the truly rebellious teenage spirit and shock the audience with my music and outfit choice. And i did, at least in my opinion. I loved every second of it, i never wanted it to end, because i felt so liberated and awesome for doing something great for the first time in my life! It was capital A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! it is definitely going to be something i’ll probably never forget.

Thanks to everyone who helped me make my idea come true!

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June 30, 2018

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